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The poor need your help, now more than ever.

Efficiency and effectiveness are two of our guiding principles. We have all heard of waste in charitable organizations. Ours is truly a not-for-profit, with a commitment to efficiency! Many schools have tight budgets and can provide space and volunteers, but cannot afford to underwrite an event. Your donations can make school events possible.


Our organization has no paid staff.  All your donations go to food, transportation and minimal overhead as we are essentially a virtual organization of all volunteers.

You can also text "Give" to 855-596-0181 to donate easily from your phone.

Want to help in a
different way?

Volunteer to Pack Food

  • Some events are open to the public.

  • Some parish hosted events are open to the public.

  • School events are necessarily closed and are generally limited to staff, students, and parents.

Sponsor a Food Packing Event

  • An event producing a single pallet consisting of 7,128 meals requires just $2,000 (just over 28¢ per meal).

Host a Food Packing Event
(or ask your parish/school to do so)

  • Host an event by providing space and volunteers to pack food. Events can take as little as a few hours and thousands of meals can be packed in that time frame.

  • Larger events can have multiple shifts and pack tens of thousands of meals.

  • Typical hosts include:

    • Church groups (men's/women's groups, Confirmation classes)​​

    • Catholic fraternal benefit societies (Catholic United Life, Knights of Columbus, Catholic Financial Life, Catholic Order of Foresters)

    • Schools

    • Businesses

    • Civic Organizations

  • Events can be customized to your needs. We can do a large event with six packing lines and 100 volunteers or scale down in a smaller venue with just 25 volunteers.

You, your parish, school, church group, or business can participate in this great work of God.

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