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Sponsor an Event

Would you like to financially sponsor a food packing event for an organization?

Often, schools, churches and organizations would like to host a food packing event for their members but they lack the funds to pay for the cost of the food, transportation and supplies for an event.

For these organizations, an event sponsor makes hosting events possible when the group or organization cannot raise all the funds.

If you would like to help, talk to your parish, school or organization leadership and ask them if they would like to host and event.  Most of these organizations are looking for fun, meaningful events that they can host and encourage membership involvement.  Our events are perfect for this.

Our events can be tailored to the needs of the host and sponsor.  Small events require just twenty-five volunteers and two hours of time.  An event like that can pack 7,128 meals and the suggested donation is just 28¢/meal.

Our organization has no paid staff.  We rely on fundraising through event hosts and event sponsors to carry on our work.

If you would like to sponsor an event, please contact us via email or phone:

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